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That’s me–Cara Peckham

I am an Educator, Author, Success Coach and Partner with MomCeo.

My mission in life is to help you create work you love and make a great living at it. I have had the pleasure of wearing many hats over the years.  I’ve worked hard to be able to live life on my own terms, but it wasn't always this way. There were some periods in my life when I had to take jobs for the money. I know how painful it is to feel like you’re trapped doing something that does not allow you to feel creative and passionate. I also know how not feeling engaged in your work can skew your entire existence. I decided to make a change so that my existence made sense to me, and I could once again feel passionate about my work, and be able to explore my creative side daily. You may think changing careers or abandoning your steady job to start a business is like jumping off a cliff into an abyss. However, it doesn’t have to be anything like that. It is possible to build a strong, sturdy bridge from where you are to where you want to be. I believe that you have the power to build a business you love, all while leading a life you desire!
















Cara Peckham, M.Ed, Author, Success Coach & Partner With MomCeo

1. How do I know all of this?


I have been a teacher for twenty years and have always had a second job. When I had my daughter, I quit my second job at an interior design center. However, I could not survive on my teaching salary alone, I was stressed and looking for a second gig that could give me the flexibility of working from home while earning extra money. So, I joined a Network Marketing Company. I bought the inventory and hosted the home parties.

While the home parties did earn me a small second income, I was trading time with my daughter for dollars. I found that I did not have the flexibility I was looking for. I was stressed more than ever and needed to find a better way.


Over the course of seven years, I joined five different home party planning companies, thinking each time, this is it, this company will fulfill my purpose. Such was not the case. I was still trading a lot of time for dollars.


When I suddenly lost my leadership rank, which I worked so hard for in my last company after one of my partners surpassed me in rank, it was the last straw. I realized that the business model did not serve me. The compensation plan was flawed and so I left the Network Marketing industry for good in 2018. I spent two years focusing on my two children, my writing/publishing, revamping my coaching business and working my full-time teaching job.


Yet, something was missing...


2. A mission to recover my Passion...

What I found over the course of those two years, was that I missed the second income I was making with the home party planning. While I did not miss the home parties or the flawed compensation plans, I missed the healthy second income I was making, as well as the amazing products these companies had to offer at wholesale prices. 

I went on an extensive search for something that fit my lifestyle. I knew what I didn’t want, which made the process so much easier. Pretty soon, I stumbled upon MomCeo. The name intrigued me. I felt that fire again in my belly. After learning about MomCeo, that passion was ignited again inside of me. I finally found the perfect business model that would allow me to work my full-time job, write, coach and spend time with my family all while earning a healthy income from home, literally.


After partnering with MomCeo, I have not looked back. Being able to live life on my own terms has been my dream since I can remember. MomCeo is the vehicle for me to achieve this goal. I am extremely grateful and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


Whether you are looking to work from home, spend more time with family, travel or have more time and money freedom, you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. At MomCeo, we will help you reach your goals!


3. All things are possible. You can achieve greatness, you just need to dig a little deeper, that is where I can help!


With coaching comes an awakening of the soul that on your own you may never experience. When we live within ourselves it is often difficult to look at situations objectively, without preconceived notions about what we think we can achieve, or what our limitations are. What we see about ourselves is not always what actually is. Working with a coach allows us to experience new methods of achieving goals, both on a personal and professional level. How do I know?  My coach helped me to realize all that was inside myself waiting to emerge. Without my coach during those dark endless days on the hamster wheel, of working full-time and hosting home parties all while raising a family as a single mom, I would not be in the position I am today. I was placed on this Earth to authentically serve people, educate them and help them reach their full potential through personal growth and development. Are you ready to release your limiting behaviors, and unleash the power within? It's there, I promise!

The Puzzle Piece That Was Missing.   MomCEO!

                  Lets begin your journey together...


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