Branding Your Passion


One - On - One Coaching


Helping you create a brand for your business, or to simply brand yourself within your business niche.


You have a service business, and you want your branding to reflect who you are, what you believe and most importantly, what you stand for. Your brand is what attracts your ideal clients and customers to YOU.


We will work together to help you answer the following question:

- Who do you help and what problem(s) do you help them solve? This is also called your niche.


Package Includes:

Four 90 minute sessions twice a month for 4 months, where we will identify the Who's, Why's, What's and How's of your business model.


Session 1 - The who - We work together to help you get in touch with who your work is really for. You will gain clarity on WHO you are meant to serve.


Session 2 - The Why - Here is where you define your vision, the change you want your product or service to make in the world. This is where we design your business name, tagline and mission statement.


Session 3 - The What - What do you want people to experience when they come across your product or service? What thoughts, feelings, and ideas do you want to convey with your branding?


Session 4 - The How - How will you deliver your services? One-on-one services, group presentations? Live Events?


Many business owners are not tapping into these types of information based programs. This is where you learn to create a steady stream of income, maybe multiple streams of income. Clarity in Purpose and Vision... help you create your niche which is what bridges the gap between what was and what is possible in leading a passion-driven lifestyle...


What you will take away: - You'll leave with a name for your business and a tagline that speaks to your niche. -Words and phrases that speak volumes about your product and or service, that you can use in marketing and promotional materials. -A structure for how to package your products and or services so that your ideal clients and or customers want to purchase from you.



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