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Why is it So Hard to Visualize Success in Advance?

Did you ever find yourself embarking on a new business venture or career and begin to visualize the outcome right away? One minute, you’re excited and the next your starting to envision all of the things that could possibly go wrong. How will your business model fair in the new economy? Will people have a need for your product or service? Will you be able to add value and build long-term relationships with your clients?

These are all viable questions. Unfortunately, our society seems to thrive on the negative. There does not seem to be a word for experiencing success in advance. Our egos make it difficult for us to envision success.

Success, however, is actually meant for every human being, failure really does not exist. We create it. We create this false sense of reality to help us justify why certain things happen. Let’s face it if we expect failure, it is much easier to accept it if we expected it in the first place.

This is after all, the game that most of us play with ourselves, but it is a ridiculous strategy. Our thoughts create our reality, so why not think of our new business venture or career as a success, right from the start.

What we put out into the universe will come back to us ten-fold. This is why it is better to make whatever your plans are for the future great now rather than wallow in what we perceive to be failure later.

Today, give yourself permission to envision success in all forms meaningful to you. Write these successes down and send them to yourself as “Fan mail” in advance. Here’s to your success!

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