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          Why Is Self-Care

            So Important?

Self-care in all phases of a relationship, separation, and divorce can be challenging. We can tend to put ourselves on the back burner for several reasons, but especially now, self-care is extremely important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Self-care is crucial for our physical emotional and mental well-being, as indulgent as it may sound, never neglect self-care especially when you are having relationship struggles, separating from a partner, or going through a divorce. Here's why:

Having relationship issues, separating, and or going through a divorce can cause a great deal of self-doubt. It is especially important to KNOW YOUR WORTH right now. Sef-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that YOU and YOUR needs are IMPORTANT. 

Work-related stress, time management, and feeling overwhelmed can also create anxiety during this time. You may feel guilty "splurging on yourself."  Overcoming these stressors and finding ways to manage time and money for self-care activities is a must. Less stress = more productivity on the job and at home. 

Start living - self-care can provide a way for you to start living, not just existing. Sure, there are a ton of responsibilities but it is important to remember that taking care of YOURSELF is also your responsibility. Simple things like sipping tea or coffee while watching the rain or snowfall, sitting outside listening to the sounds of the animals at night, reading a good book, or taking a bubble bath. Learning something new, taking up a new hobby can make your life more purposeful by giving you a new reason to get up out of bed every morning. Not only can this help you mentally recharge but it can also help you feel more physically recharged and ready to take on challenges. 

This is where I come in...by giving you permission, and a whole lot of coaching on how to take care of YOU! Let's get you feeling and looking your best, body, mind, and spirit! Schedule a complimentary call 

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